Ok, quick and dirty, until I get some screen shots:

If you have Windows Vista, and you can't run our puzzles, here is a simple solution:

1. Save the puzzle to your computer. (If you have one of our CDs, you can copy the entire disk to your hard drive.)

2. Find it where you saved it on your hard drive, and right-click on it and select 'properties.' (I've been told you can select multiple puzzles at the same time and then do this, but since I don't have Vista I can't confirm this.)

3. Click on the 'Compatibility' tab, then put a checkmark in the box and select compatibility mode for WinXP SP2.

4. Click 'Ok' to close the window, then double-click the file.

5. You will get one or more confirmation windows before it will run. If you aren't an administrator, it may ask you for a user name and a password.

Have fun.

When I get my hands on a Vista machine for more than five minutes, I will get some screen shots, as well as see if there is an easier way to do this.

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