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User Agreement, System Requirements, and Warranty Info

Welcome to the's first All New 500 Puzzle CD-ROM. We hope you enjoy it.

This disk contains 500 new jigsaw puzzles, in three different sizes each, for a total of 1500 puzzles!

In addition, there are ten extra surprise puzzles as a bonus, and in case I somehow reused one image from a previous puzzle. Rest assured, all puzzles were created new for this disk.

User Agreement:
By using this CD-ROM, you agree to abide by the User Agreement, and that and it's owners are not liable for any damages that may occur to your computer while using the CD-ROM or any of the program and / or puzzles contained on the CD-ROM. We have extended a great deal of effort on the creation of this CD-ROM, and have tested it on multiple computers without problems, but since no two computers are exactly alike, we can not predict what you have or how it will work with this CD-ROM. There shouldn't be any problems, but you never can tell.

System Requirements: This CD-ROM has been tested on both Windows XP Home and Professional Versions, and should work under Windows 7 although it may require you to make minor security adjustments.
If you can play the working three puzzles at the top of the sales page, you should have no problems with the CD. Sorry, but it wasn't designed for Apple products, and won't run under Linux unless you have a Windows emulator running. (Note for Vista users: You may have to adjust your security settings to allow the puzzles to run. Sorry, I don't have a Vista machine to see what settings to change. Check the website for some hints I have come up with.)
You also need a minimum of 1024x768 or larger screen size. 1280x1024 works better, and gives you more room.
While not required, a sound system of some sort for your computer will enhance the quality of play as the pieces make different sounds when you rotate them or fit them together. There is also one puzzle with sound added, but I'm not going to tell you which one it is. It's a surprise!

Warranty info:
This disk is guaranteed against material defects at the time of shipping and receipt by the buyer. If it arrives damaged, we will replace it for free. If you damage it, you can request a replacement for only $3.00 US or $4.00 International to cover our cost of shipping and materials.
I do offer a total satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisified with this disk, you may return it anytime in one full year for a full refund.

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